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MSK or Enhanced Access appointments on the 1st Floor- Open until 8.00pm | Telephone: 0161 393 2976

Yorkshire Health Solutions (Ultrasound Scan) | Telephone: 0345 095 0245

Connect Health/Pain Management | Telephone: 0330 174 1398/0800 0340 406

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Test Results

Blood test results – Please allow 5 working days, If anything urgent/abnormal comes back you will hear from us within a few days. Please note if you do not hear back after your blood test, this is usually good news and no action is required, however you can check your patient access or call the reception team. 

X-RAY/MRI/CT/Ultrasound Scan results (referred by the GP)- If the GP has referred you for one of these procedures, the results usually come back within 2 weeks.  If anything urgent the radiology department would have let you know at the time of the scan or they will ring this through to us and we will contact you.  If you do not hear back from us, this is usually as no action is required, either way you may ring us after 2 weeks.  

Urine samples – If a urine sample has been sent of to the Lab, it usually comes back within 3/4 working days. If the result shows infection or abnormality, you will hear from us, if not this is usually as no action is required.

Stool Samples – These results can take between 7-10 days, it depends on the type of test, it may take a little longer sometimes. If anything abnormal or urgent comes back, the GP will contact you in a number of days, if you do not hear anything, this is usually as no action is required.  If you are concerned, call the reception team. 

Swabs (non Genital & Genital) – These results can take around 7-14 days. 

Smear Results – These results can take up to 3 months to come back. Please note that you will receive a letter in the post from the screening center with the results , this is usually before they come to the GP surgery.

If you are concerned about any results, you can either completed an online message request via the coloured buttons on the home page, or call the reception team on Option 3 

Hospital follow up appointments- We aren’t able to chase up your hospital follow up appointments. Please contact the hospital directly. The phone number is usually at the top of your last clinic letter. Otherwise you can contact the Tameside Switchboard0161 922 6000

Results of tests requested by your hospital consultant- We are unable to give you the results of tests that have been arranged by the hospital. This is because the results will need interpretation by the specialist who can recommend what happens next. Please contact the hospital directly if you feel you have been waiting a long time for the results. Otherwise you can contact the Tameside Switchboard0161 922 6000

If you are struggling with aspects related to your hospital/specialist care please contact the ‘PALS’ (Patient advice and liaison service) for the hospital concerned. For Tameside General Hospital the number is 0161 922 4466 or Healthwatch Tameside.

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